Mazel tov to Tamar Paley- Cohort 3 for her recent artistic jewelry exhibition.  

The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute is proud to present Israeli artist Tamar Paley. “A Fringe of Her Own,” features Paley’s collection of handmade Jewish ritual objects that deconstruct and reinterpret the tallit, tzitzit, and tefillin, typically worn by men. Traditionally, the tzitzit, or fringes, hold special significance as a reminder of one’s spiritual obligations. In Paley’s collection of wearable objects, the fringes become a delicate sculptural form.

Recognizing the gap that exists between Jewish women and these ritual objects – and with a growing need to provide a feminine interpretation of patriarchal religious practice – Paley’s work offers a reshaping of traditional patriarchal forms from a female perspective using materials, text, and symbolism that acknowledge the physical and spiritual experiences of women in Judaism